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We offer a Revolutionary Model in the World of FMCG with a main objective to work as extended commercial arm to all our suppliers & not to limit the services to Distribution only.

FMCG Distribution

We handle different Food Categories Frozen and/or Dry Products, Organic Food products, ready-to-eat snacks, juices, soft drinks and many more. We cover more than 18 governorates & 100 cities primarily targeting weighted stores across different Retail Environment in Egypt.

Business Development

Part of the Services we provide to our partners is finding the right opportunities in the market through new ideas, competitive analysis and activities to help make the business better. Full market analysis, customer insights, commercial advices , branding and positioning.

Why Tiba Egypt?

The Story Behind Us

Egypt is a dynamic market with large population of +100 Million residing all across in different governorates.

Most of the Distribution companies in Egypt are implementing the traditional ways from providing the required fleet & resources to adopt the relevant Route to Market in line with the product nature.

There has always been a gap between market reality & fundamentals vs. companies’ growth objectives and there has been always a gap in providing 360 services to the various companies on the commercial level where the whole concept of Tiba Egypt arose from.

What do we offer to our ecosystem?

Revolutionary Service

We offer a revolutionary Model in the World of FMCG with an objective to work as extended commercial arm to all our suppliers & not to limit the services to distribution only.

Our Vision

To become the leading Partner of choice in area of Distribution & Business Development in Egypt

Our Mission

Add value to our partners, customers & employees through Availability, Efficiency & Dedication.

High skilled employees
Warehouses Across Egypt

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Our clients

A wide portfolio of world’s top brands

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